Honda releases new parts to personalize the new Accord

Honda releases new parts to personalize the new Accord

April 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese company offers various elements for the exterior and interior of its model so that customers can highlight their car.

The current Honda Accord is already a pretty dynamic looking car, but in Japan, where a mid-size sedan has recently appeared on sale, buyers have many original accessories that they can order from the Access brand division to become more visible.

Starting at the front, the new Accord can be equipped with petticoats on either side of the bumper for a price of 44,000 yen ($ 408). In addition, a new grille is available at the same price. For 66,000 yen ($ 612), customers get attractive side skirts that give the car an attractive look.

Similarly, the rear bumper can be equipped with lower skirts and a trunk spoiler for 44,000 yen ($ 408). A black Honda logo is also available for a modest 7,700 yen ($ 71). The most expensive options are wheels. First, Honda sells a set of 18-inch aluminum wheels for 46,200 yen ($ 428 is very cheap for a set of wheels), while 19-inch wheels are available for 49,500 yen ($ 459).

In addition to external changes, there are many elements for the interior. For example, Honda Japan offers door sills for 36,000 yen ($ 333), as well as light projection lamps for 33,000 yen ($ 306). Other usefulnesses include various lights for the price of 22,000 yen ($ 204) and 11,000 yen ($ 102), as well as three different boot options, including carpet, a rubber boot mat and a container for carrying items.