Honda prepares restyling Civic Type R

Honda prepares restyling Civic Type R

July 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In fact, experts are at a loss and can not understand why Honda is already working on restyling the “charged” hatchback Civic Type R. But as foreign colleagues have said – “We just have to accept it.” Test prototypes of the updated versions were noticed by photo spy on the Nyurbugrgring highway.

Unfortunately, the video does not manage to consider any features, but some details are revealed to us. Judging by the camouflage, the car will get new front and rear bumpers, a revised radiator grille, and maybe some changes in the cabin. And experts are not sure whether it will be just restyling, or the company is preparing a more accessible version of hot-hatch.

As noted by the edition of The Truth About Cars – an updated version in the cabin can get additional displays with touch controls. It means fully digital dashboard and full-screen multimedia display. Moreover, the publication is sure that a more expensive version is also in development.

But the most likely option is the theory of testing the restyling version of the Honda Civic Type R 2020 model year, which can debut in a year.

Currently, the Civic Type R is offered in the United States with the same 2.0-liter turbocharged engine providing 306 horsepower and 399 Newton-meters of maximum torque. The 2018 model costs from $ 35,595, including a $ 895 tax charge, but we expect if a more accessible version appears, see prices starting at about $ 32,000.