Honda may revive Legend

Honda may revive Legend

May 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

So far, this is indicated only by indirect data, and they appeared in Europe, from where this model left in the mid-90s – earlier than from all other markets.

The reason for the restrained optimism was the registration in the European patent office of the trademark Legend for use as the name of the car model. The most pessimistic option is that Honda simply wants to retain its once-known name, without any practical plans. However, in previous years, the company was not interested in this question.

It looks promising that the Legend will return to Europe: this will happen when the generations of the RLX model change – this is the flagship of the Acura sedans on the North American market. There at one time Legend was replaced by the RL model, followed by the RLX. Despite the high consumer qualities of this car (in its class) and advanced technical equipment, sales of the RLX are not too high, and world fame is very low. Legend could not boast of big sales, but the popularity of this model was much higher all over the world.

Of course, since the 90s the automotive market has changed, and large sedans are experiencing hard times. Based on this, Honda can go according to the scenario already mastered by other automakers and, and give the name Legend to another model, namely the flagship crossover. In the USA, such a decision would force Acura to change the names in the entire line, since Legend would be strongly out of the general index scheme (MDX, RDX, RLX, NSX, etc.), but in Europe, where Acura is not proposed, the name Legend It might be the way. The same applies to a number of other markets, including Japanese. By the way, the name of the NSX is quite well inscribed in the Honda lineup, so there are a lot of options.