Honda made N-Van from the kei-car

Honda made N-Van from the kei-car

June 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese manufacturer of several commercial models built on the basis of the passenger locker N-Box.

The new Honda N-Van will replace the Acty and Vamos models in the brand line. By the way, last manufacture was stopped last month. The novelty has several versions, oriented to the operation of small businesses. Recall, the dimensions of the kei-car are strictly regulated, but this did not become an obstacle for Honda.

Novelty has a standard for kei-car length of 3.4 meters, while the height of the car is 1.8 meters. Sliding doors are available on both sides of the car, and on the left side (in Japan, the left-hand traffic and this side the cars approach the roadside) there is also no central stand that provides a width of the opening of 1,580 mm and a height of 1,130 mm to facilitate loading / unloading .

Honda offers the N-Van exclusively in a glazed version with a four-seater saloon, but all passenger seats can be folded and get a level platform with a length of 2.6 meters. The creators say that in the cargo compartment is placed 71 mail boxes, or 40 boxes for bottles. The carrying capacity of a miniature van is 350 kg.

At the rear, simplified seats are installed and there is no part of the trim. In the interior design, too, there is nothing special, but already in the database there is air conditioning and radio. Infotainment system is not even in the list of options, but there is a climate control system and automatic braking.

In addition to the basic N-Van model, the manufacturer has produced two “more civilian” variants that are intended for use as family cars: Style Fan with a different front design, cast wheels and LED optics with round inserts, and Style Cool with halogen optics and low roof. The “passenger” versions have an expanded color scheme, since the basic N-Van is available only in white and silver bodies.

For the Honda N-Van, there are two three-cylinder engines with a capacity of 658 cubic centimeters: the atmospheric power is 52 hp, and the turbocharged version produces 64 hp, but is offered exclusively for “stylish” versions. As the main gearbox is used a variator, but in pair to the atmospheric motor is also offered a 5-speed manual transmission. All-wheel drive is available as an option for all versions.

The start of sales of Honda N-Van is scheduled for mid-summer exclusively in the Japanese market.