Honda is working on a rear-wheel drive sports car

Honda is working on a rear-wheel drive sports car

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It will be just one of the new products that will be created on the BEV electric platform – the company gained its first such experience when building a compact city electric Honda e.

Following the presentation of the Honda e, the Japanese automaker shared some plans for further electrifying its line. Much is given only in general terms, including the date of the appearance of the finished universal electric platform, which can become the main one for creating virtually any car – from sedans and coupes to crossovers. The publication Automotive News claims that the appearance of the line of electric vehicles based on the BEV is worth waiting for by 2025.

Honda believes that the main advantage of the platform will be its versatility in the creation of new models. This will reduce costs, and the unification of the components will reduce the final price for the consumer. It is argued that the platform involves the rear location of the electric motor, rear-wheel drive and an ideal weight distribution on the axes – 50:50.

Sports model will be one of the first, but you can not definitely say that it was the first. Perhaps the company will first start mass production of a model with a wider range of consumers, for example, a crossover.

According to the representative of Honda Motor Ayumu Matsuo, the BEV platform will be used to create models of C and D classes.

The company claims that the flexibility of the platform will allow you to create certain configurations of various models that meet the needs of a particular market or the requirements of local legislation.

Rear-wheel drive will be the main, but the scheme of the platform implies the possibility of using all-wheel drive with minimal cost.