Honda introduces new generation N-WGN

Honda introduces new generation N-WGN

July 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The minicar will be offered in two versions: N-WGN and N-WGN Custom. Sales in Japan start on August 9, but they begin accepting orders now. Every month the company expects to sell at least 7,000 cars.

N-WGN appeared in 2013 and became the fourth model in the ā€œNā€ family. The second generation, as before, is built on the basis of the N-BOX model, and looks more like an ordinary hatchback, but with a high roof.

The appearance of the car tried to make the most friendly with round headlights and the complete absence of aggression. For the N-WGN, they will offer 9 body colors and several color schemes with a black and silver roof (only with N-WGN Custom). Three colors are completely new – these are shades of pink, blue and green (the first two are pearlescent).

For the first time in the Honda Kay car, steering wheel adjustment appears on the flight in the range up to 30 mm. The driver’s seat is adjustable in height in the range of 50 mm. The pedals, in comparison with the predecessor, are shifted to the right, which, as developers believe, is more convenient. Significantly changed the algorithm of the electric power steering.

The front pillars have become already 6 mm, but retained the same strength. Improved rear view camera. The rear wiper is installed so that it is not visible to the driver and does not impair the view. In the trunk – a removable shelf that can withstand cargo weighing up to 50 kg. It makes loading more convenient.

The car is equipped with the same complex of active safety systems Honda Sensing, which served as the prototype model N-BOX. It distinguishes the system of automatic braking with the detection of pedestrians in the dark and when reversing.

The cost of Honda N-WGN in Japan is 1 274 400 – 1 631 880 yen, N-WGN Custom – 1 512 000 – 1 793 880 yen.