Honda has opened a new crossover, although everything is already known about the model – this is a CR-V clone

Honda has opened a new crossover, although everything is already known about the model – this is a CR-V clone

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

New Japanese brand will be available in only one country. The model differs from the global CR-V in exterior design and dimensions.

Honda has announced the name of a new SUV designed for the Middle Kingdom. In Chinese, it sounds like “hao yin” (皓 影). The first character means the rising sun, the second – the shadow or, more precisely, “the mysterious contrast caused by the light.” Well, the English name for the SUV is Breeze (in Honda it is interpreted as “a new direction of the wind”, that is, read, “new style”). In addition, the brand distributed a couple of teasers, although neither the appearance of the model nor its characteristics are already a secret: in mid-August, the PRC Ministry of Industry opened the cross.

The Breeze is a variation of the global Honda CR-V, with the latest SUV being sold in China. However, for the “celestial” market the presence in the range of brands of “doubles” is a common practice. The fact is that a foreign brand may have several joint ventures with various local companies. For example, the same Honda in China has twin SUVs XR-V and Vezel, Avancier and UR-V, the difference between the models is in the design of the exterior and interior. The production of the “real” CR-V, XR-V and UR-V is the responsibility of the JV Dongfeng and Honda, while Breeze will stand on the conveyor belt of the JV GAC and Honda, which also produces Vezel and Avancier.

The new version differs from the original crossover in the design of the front and rear: Breeze received new grille, bumpers and LED headlights, the lights were also replaced (they now have no upper sections), plus the Breeze has a different tailgate. And the model from GAC-Honda is bigger – the length is 4 634 mm versus 4,585 mm from the Chinese CR-V. Also, some media outlets suggest that Breeze will have a three-row version, while the “source” in China can only be five-seater (in other markets CR-V has a seven-seater version).

The engine switched from the local Honda CR-V – this is a petrol turbo four 1.5 with a power of 193 hp (243 Nm). The boxes probably also came from the “donor” (six-speed manual gearbox or CVT). In China, the CR-V is still available with the i-MMD hybrid installation, which includes an Atkinson cycle motor 2.0 and an electric motor. But for Breeze, the hybrid version has not been announced, at least not yet.

The date of the premiere of new items in the GAC-Honda was not called. It is possible that the model will be presented in early September at the Chengdu Motor Show.

Note that Honda CR-V in China is in high demand: in January-July, dealers sold 114,343 cars, which is twice as much compared to the same period in 2018. The price of this crossover starts at 169,800 yuan.