Honda has announced a recall campaign for 600 thousand vehicles

Honda has announced a recall campaign for 600 thousand vehicles

August 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

We are talking about four service campaigns at once, which will affect over 600,000 cars with the Honda logo. The detected defects that require repair are of different nature – from faulty dashboard to freezing locks on the doors.

In the US, owners of Honda models will have to visit a service center very soon. In this country, the Japanese automaker recalls more than 600 thousand Honda cars – these are Odyssey minivans and Pilot and Passport SUVs. The recall campaign is slated for September 23rd.

So, 324,194 Odyssey minivans, produced in 2018 – 2020, are sent for repairs due to problems with the doors. So, in winter, if moisture gets between the sliding doors and the outer handles, the lock can freeze up. Also, the mounting holes of the rear-view camera are not insured against moisture penetration – as a result, the car owner will receive an inoperative device (such a defect may appear on new minivans of 2019-2020).

To prevent these problems, during the repair, specialists will change the external handles of the sliding door and the rear view cameras.

The problem with the camera can also be observed on Honda Passport and Pilot crossovers (2019-2020 and 2019-2021 model years). In the case of these cars, everything is solved by flashing the electronics. Car owners can update the software on their own when it becomes possible to update wirelessly, or at a dealer.

A defect in the dashboard display can appear on all three models: these are the Odyssey 2018-2020, Passport 2019-2020 and Pilot from 2019-2021. The screen may stop broadcasting the oil pressure in the engine, information from the speedometer, etc. This is also where software flashing will help.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that in the United States flying cars will be able to move on the roads. The relevant law was approved by the authorities of New Hampshire. True, he will begin to act when such cars become part of our daily life. In the meantime, there is no such transport available for purchase, which is reminded of the document.