Honda first introduced the new Civic Type-R for testing

Honda first introduced the new Civic Type-R for testing

May 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Honda recently made a technical upgrade to its Civic Type-R, the brand has long been developing a completely new generation of this hot hatch. The new electric car was first seen in camouflage.

Honda introduced the updated Civic Type-R at the Tokyo Motor Show in January of this year, and a European version of the “charged” hatchback made its debut a month later. This time, the most powerful version of Civic has undergone modernization, which mainly affected the “stuffing” and design. Behind the scenes of the Honda is the new Civic Type-R.

Don’t be confused by the BMW-like grille that Honda has installed on this masked test piece. According to the publication, this is “just” a completely new generation of Civic Type-R, which went to the tests. Looking at the profile, the still striking form of Civic reveals the true nature of this “creature”.

Although this test model also features a huge rear spoiler, Honda seems to approach things a little differently in terms of design. While the current Civic Type-R with all its angular lines and an unusual spoiler looks like a hatchback fighter jet, Honda offers the new Civic – and the new Type-R in particular – a more friendly and rounded “package”.

You should not expect a new generation of Civic next year and, perhaps, it will not open its “face” until 2022. The new Civic Type-R will debut no earlier than regular versions do. It is expected that the power plant of the new hot hatch will be electrified to a greater or lesser extent. Recall that the current Civic Type-R has a 320-horsepower 2.0 four-cylinder that drives the front wheels.