Honda designer unveils his version of the Toyota Supra sports car generation A90

Honda designer unveils his version of the Toyota Supra sports car generation A90

October 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Apparently not everyone, not everyone in this world likes the new generation of the legendary Japanese sports car Toyota Supra (factory index A90) – at least not everyone agrees with the new exterior. The designer from Honda showed his version of the model and creating his masterpiece, he was inspired by the previous generation Toyota Supra.

Despite the fact that a completely new generation of the Japanese sports coupe Toyota Supra (A90) has appeared on sale, there are those around the world who do not like the “fresh” design of the iconic car and who prefer the A80 model.

Giulio Partizani, the lead designer for one of Honda’s research and development divisions in Japan, has introduced his version of the legend. He posted a render on his Instagram page.

In fact, the new generation of the cult sports Toyota Supra A90 has very, very few similarities (from an external point of view) with the previous version of the A80, but Mr. Partizani decided to change the existing order of things and make the current performance of the Japanese legend as similar to the “old body” as possible. The virtual car has a long, “muscular” hood and a pair of square LED headlights. The front part began to look more aggressive, in particular thanks to the large air intakes.

Immediately behind the front fenders, the artist decides to “bend” the body inward, while the rear wing, on the contrary, bulges very outward. Against this background, hefty side sills look harmonious. There is no doubt that when creating the rear of the car, Partizani drew inspiration from the fourth-generation Supra. Arched wings and horizontal lights are the most obvious similarities. The car received two large exhaust pipes.