Honda closes its plants in the US due to coronovirus

Honda closes its plants in the US due to coronovirus

March 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker decided for six days to stop mass production of its cars in the United States due to an outbreak of coronovirus. In this case, all workers will receive full payment.

Due to the growing pandemic of Covid-19 (coronavirus) worldwide and in particular in North America, the leadership of the Japanese brand Honda decided to stop the serial production of their cars in Canada, Mexico and the United States for six days. The closure is scheduled for March 23, and the resumption of work – on March 31. Nevertheless, good news will appear for approximately 27,600 injured workers, as the company will pay for their labor in full during this period.

 The company’s statement states that this plan is subject to change. “As the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19 develops in the automotive market, Honda will continue to evaluate current conditions and make further adjustments to decisions as necessary,” the announcement said.

 During the shutdown, Honda will also conduct a deep cleaning of the plants to prevent the spread of the disease when workers return.

 In addition to the coronavirus, Honda also refers to the expected decline in demand for cars due to an outbreak of coronavirus. If people are stuck at home, buying a new car for them is not a priority.

 The decision to close factories and continue to pay workers the money sets Honda apart from automakers. The Italian-American concern FCA, Ford and American General Motors allow only some of their employees to work from home, but the factories remain open.