Honda Civic without tire caught at 100 km / h

Honda Civic without tire caught at 100 km / h

November 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It’s hard to believe, but the woman driving the car managed to accelerate on a bare rim

The roller on which the Honda Civic rides without a tire on the rear wheel at a speed of about 100 km / h literally “blew up” the network. The woman behind the wheel not only managed to surprise the audience, but also apparently made it to her destination.

The incident occurred on one of the highways of New Jersey. Interestingly, the car moved very confidently in the traffic, despite the unusual circumstance.

Probably, very few people would have thought to go somewhere, and indeed to start the car in this state. To solve the problem, it would be enough to pull over and change the wheel. Probably, there was no spare wheel – in that case, tire fitting services would be useful. But the heroine of the video, apparently, it seemed too simple task.

Judging by the damage, the tire damaged the bumper and wheel arch during the explosion. In short, you cannot look at all this without tears. Note, when an eyewitness was filming the video, the woman behind the wheel showed interest and bewilderment. Perhaps she didn’t know she was riding on the rim. But what about the loud sound and unstable motion? Strange things …

This can be tolerated if loud music was playing in the passenger compartment during the explosion, and she perceived the damage itself as hitting an unevenness. It is possible that instead of standing on the side of the road and waiting for hours for a tow truck, the woman decided to take a chance and drive on the rim. In any case, the lady attracted attention and hit the news feed.