Honda Civic Si family updated once again

Honda Civic Si family updated once again

November 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

“Warmed up” coupes and sedans got quite noticeable improvements, although it’s too early to talk about a full generation change.

Modification of Si in the American range Honda Civic was present in the eighties. This car was positioned as a youth sports car, so it is not surprising that there were always buyers for this model. Since that time, the manufacturer has tried to include the Honda Civic Si in each new generation of the model. Now it’s become known that next year the entire Civic Si family is waiting for the next upgrade: the brand will slightly refresh the exterior and interior, increase the number of available driver assistants, and also review the range of transmissions. So, Honda Civic Si will teach redesigned bumpers, LED optics, and new 18-inch wheels in a darkened style that add coupe and sedans to aggression.

Bright colors will be added to the interior of the car – these are red inserts on the dashboard and seats. They will also work with electronics and security systems to make the Honda Civic Si look like a senior Civic Type R.

For Honda Civic Si 2020 you have to pay $ 735 more. With new prices, the initial cost of the model increased to $ 25,930. In general, Honda did not begin to redraw its model, remembering its popularity. In terms of appearance, the brand only slightly retouched the Civic Si, and the new optics will work to improve visibility in the dark.

Meanwhile, in India, they noticed a test prototype of the hybrid Honda Insight. The car fell into the lens of the cameras of the photo points without any camouflage.