Honda CB750 included in the hall of fame cars of Japan

Honda CB750 included in the hall of fame cars of Japan

November 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At one time, the original Honda CB750 motorcycle was a desirable motorcycle, and today it is in great demand in customizing. The Japanese motorcycle is not a car, but it is still included in the automobile hall of fame.

The original Honda CB750 was equipped with a 750cc 4-stroke engine and was classified as a superbike. The power unit produced 67 hp, which was a good indicator for that period. Sales exceeded all expectations of the Japanese manufacturer and literally buried British competitors.

Honda CB750 was the first in many aspects. The four-cylinder engine worked much smoother than single-cylinder or V-twin. He allowed to accelerate to almost 195 km / h. In 1979, the Honda CB750 engine was upgraded from SOHC to DOHC. In addition, the manufacturer produced other versions from 500 to 1000 cm3.

At one time, the Honda CB750 was a revolutionary motorcycle. In various versions of the bike was produced until 2003. The series takes pride of place in moto history and has earned the right to be in the hall of fame cars of Japan.