Honda can make a serial electric car based on the concept Sports EV

Honda can make a serial electric car based on the concept Sports EV

March 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company did not rule out that the pre-production Honda e Prototype could be the first model in the whole family: the possibility of creating a compact sports electric car is being considered, especially since the rear-wheel drive platform favors this.

Honda e Prototype, which is a mass-produced electric car that is almost ready for production, will not be Honda’s only offer in the electric segment. As expected, the company has many plans on this account, and, although it does not disclose all the details, some details already exist. They are published by the publication Autocar, which quoted the representative of the project e Prototype Kohei Hitomi.

He stated that “it would be nice to use the developed platform to create a compact sports model.” Hitomi believes that the capabilities of the platform are very wide: it is not just suitable for cars of classes A and B, but can be the basis for “almost any car”: from a “box-shaped” urban personal vehicle to a sports coupe. Perhaps it is the sports model that will be next on the list.

Honda will not have to carry out a long search, since a similar car already exists – this is an experimental Sports EV Concept, shown in Tokyo in the fall of 2017. Like the Urban EV presented shortly before, the sports Sports EV Concept is made with an emphasis on the “retro” style, but in modern reading. These cars have a lot in common, both technically and in design. It is possible that the Sports EV Concept will follow the same path as the Urban EV.

Production of the serial version of the Honda e Prootype, created on the basis of Urban EV, will begin this year, sales will start in early 2020.