Honda breathed new life into the legendary S2000 roadster

Honda breathed new life into the legendary S2000 roadster

January 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At the tuning show in Tokyo, the Honda S2000 20th Anniversary Roadster debuted. The presentation of the car was timed to the 20th anniversary of this iconic model.

The legendary Honda S2000 roadster, 20 years after it got on the conveyor, and ten years after the cessation of production, a new version appeared. An anniversary prototype called 20th Anniversary was shown at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020. This is not the only good news for owners of the original Honda S2000. Most of the new parts presented on the prototype S2000 20th Anniversary, the brand is going to put into production. This will allow roadster owners to breathe new life into their favorite sports cars.

The car presented at the tuning show gets a more aggressive front bumper with improved aerodynamic characteristics, an original spoiler, Yokohama Advan Racing wheels painted black with a silver outline, etc.

Inside the car, we see new red seat covers, a new audio cover, an air deflector and red rugs. All of them get the inscription “S2000 20th Anniversary”.

Above the central tunnel there was a place for the Panasonic touchscreen, but its functionality has not yet been revealed in the company. Also, the car relies on an upgraded suspension and a modified soft top. Whether exclusive accessories for the Honda S2000 presented on the prototype will be available, outside of Japan, unfortunately, has not been reported. The brand is going to answer this question on February 20, when the full list of new accessories will be announced.

Recall that earlier off-road Honda CR-V Black Edition debuted at a tuning show in Tokyo. The novelty got increased ground clearance, a brutal protective plastic body kit around the entire perimeter of the body and much more.