Honda ATV: Automated bogie prepares for a CES 2019 show

Honda ATV: Automated bogie prepares for a CES 2019 show

December 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Last year, Honda unveiled an autonomous quad bike. In fact, the company offered the market a new automated system 3E-D18, capable of carrying equipment for various purposes.

 The unique platform with compact dimensions, electric drive, “autonomous” driving system and multitasking with universal purpose is a brief description of the new product from Honda. We saw the first version of the unmanned quad bike back in 2018 at CES. But at the time, as they say, the model 3E-D18 “did not enter.” To prove its utility and versatility, the manufacturer conducted a series of experiments and tests proving the prospects of the platform.

At the next CES Consumer Electronics Show in January 2019 in Las Vegas will be presented self-propelled truck Honda ATV 3E-D18. Using GPS and various sensors, the four-wheel unit can be programmed to follow someone or something, move along a given complex trajectory, or simply move from point A to point B.

During the year, the robotic system “worked” as a crop collector at the College of Agricultural Sciences in California, a lawnmower on the territory of the company’s solar panels in North Carolina, and also a caretaker of a fire department in Colorado.

At the moment, Honda is ready to cooperate with partners in the further development of the project, as well as new equipment for it, in order to expand the capabilities of an autonomous working vehicle.