Honda announces sports accessory kit for new Civic Type R

Honda announces sports accessory kit for new Civic Type R

October 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A new version of the powerful Honda Civic Type R has already been presented and for this car, the guys from the Honda Access division have prepared a set of various accessories. All of them will be available for purchase shortly.

In addition to all sorts of nice options like special coatings for mirrors, floor mats, paint protection films and much more, the Japanese automaker is also ready to offer the owners of the new Honda Civic Type R a number of other, more valuable chips. While many of these benefits are focused solely on improving the appearance and appearance of the vehicle, there are also those that help to improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle.

One of these accessories are special wheels.

Their spokes feature a sword-like profile and are painted white to complement the car’s red brake calipers. While they’re a pleasure to look at, the Japanese automaker has focused on creating a wheel that will accentuate its racing spirit.

In keeping with the design spirit of the wheels used for racing cars in the Super GT Championship, these wheels strike a delicate balance between strength and beauty. The rim is made from A6000 series aluminum alloy, previously intended for aerospace applications, and manufactured using an advanced forging and machining process that saves up to 2.1 kg in weight per wheel. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on the vehicle’s dynamic performance.

Since red has always been a staple of charged Type R models, the Japanese automaker wanted it to be the centerpiece of the Access package for the new Civic Type R. The weave of fibers in every available carbon component includes red polyester thread.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition received ultra-light wheels from BBS. The well-known manufacturer of rims – the company BBS, presented a set of rims for the “charged” Honda Civic Type R sedan. They are 10 kg lighter than conventional discs.