Honda announces new generation N-WGN

Honda announces new generation N-WGN

April 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company announced that it plans to release a new generation minicar over the summer. While there are no photos and technical descriptions, but the developers promise to share details in the near future.

The success of Honda N minicars is so significant in Japan that every company message about plans for this family can significantly affect sales in the keycar segment. Over the past two years, N-BOX – the most massive model in the family – has become the absolute leader in terms of sales of new cars in Japan, and over the last four years, taking into account sales and the number of first auto registrations.

Family N appeared in 2011, since then more than 2.3 million cars have been sold, and this is only about the domestic market: not one of the family models is officially sold outside Japan. This also applies to the N-WGN – one of the earliest representatives of the N model line – the minicar was released in the fall of 2013. It is far from N-BOX in popularity, but this does not mean that the N-WGN was forgotten: the car will completely change in the coming months.

The new N-WGN will be built on the basis of the current generation N-BOX, which has been sold in Japan since the end of August 2017: technically, these models will be completely identical. The engine is 0.66-liter 3-cylinder in versions without turbocharging and with such, the transmission is a CVT, the drive is front or full.

Announcing the novelty, Honda is talking about striving to increase the attractiveness of the N family as a whole. This may mean that modernization expects other N models. Despite the fact that the N-BOX is the locomotive, other models, including the N-WGN, allow for a wider audience coverage in order to maintain leadership in the key car market. .