Honda and GM will make autonomous vehicles together

Honda and GM will make autonomous vehicles together

October 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese maker invested 750 million dollars in Cruise Automation

Part of the concern General Motors company Cruise Automation, which develops UAVs, received $ 750 million in investment from Japanese Honda. Together, firms will develop autonomous vehicle with a wide range of possible use cases and the commercialization of unmanned technology.

Honda’s total investment in unmanned technology development over the next 12 years will be about three billion dollars. These funds will be directed to the development of design, design and manufacture of UAVs, and large-scale promotion of new technologies. According to preliminary information, autonomous cars Honda and Cruise Automation will become part of the ridesharing service.

General Motors has already invested heavily in the development of Cruise, which has spent on hiring engineers and building about a hundred experimental prototypes. Part of the drone company uses to transport its employees within the boundaries of San Francisco.

In January, General Motors showed the interior of a Cruise AV drone that will appear on the roads next year. The car, built on the basis of the electric car Chevrolet Bolt, is completely devoid of any controls.