Honda and GM will jointly produce electric cars

Honda and GM will jointly produce electric cars

April 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In such a partnership, the American concern will be responsible for the technical component, and the Japanese will be engaged in design.

American General Motors and Japanese Honda will begin joint production of electric cars. We are talking about two electric cars, whose appearance on the market is tentatively scheduled for 2024. Such machines will use GM’s scalable platform and their branded Ultium batteries. The General Motors platform is very flexible – it allows you to use the layout with front, rear or all-wheel drive.

It is also possible in it both vertical and horizontal arrangement of the batteries – with the help of proper selection, it is possible to more efficiently store energy for various types of vehicles. In turn, the Japanese automaker will slightly reconfigure the architecture to fit its needs, as well as completely create a unique design for new cars. This will be done based on the needs and relevance of the car market.

The partnership agreement will be very beneficial for both companies. Honda will be able to avoid the extra costs of developing a platform and batteries.

 And for GM, the assembly of machines at its own plant in the USA will be a favorable condition Рthis will allow us to optimize the enterprise, load conveyors and use production facilities more efficiently. Recall that Honda and GM have already collaborated in the development of fuel cells, as well as autonomous driving systems for Cruise Origin.