Honda again has problems in the development of the motor

Honda again has problems in the development of the motor

January 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Next season Honda power units will appear for the first time on Red Bull Racing cars. The team pin great hopes on the Japanese motorists, but according to Auto Bild, Honda had certain problems in developing the 2019 powerplant.

According to the German edition, Honda refused to cooperate with the Austrian AVL, the world’s largest independent company specializing in engine design and bench testing of power plants. Allegedly, the reason for the termination of cooperation was the disagreement between the chief engineer of AVL and Honda specialists. Interestingly, earlier from cooperation with AVL for the same reason, refused to Ferrari.

In addition to parting with AVL, Honda ceased cooperation with Mario Illyen. The Swiss specialist had to help solve problems with the increased vibration of the internal combustion engine, due to which Honda could not use the power plant at full power. Now Honda engineers are going to solve this problem on their own.

However, Helmut Marko, the consultant of Red Bull on motor racing, doesn’t worry much: “Appropriate measures were taken to solve the problem. Honda engines are already ahead of Renault, and in 2019 the power plant will be even better. Then Max Verstappen will have at its disposal everything you need. He constantly adds, and it seems there is no limit for him! ”