Honda Africa Twin may be bigger by 2020

Honda Africa Twin may be bigger by 2020

February 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin motorcycle, released in 2016, has found its niche in the tourist enduro segment, but now it’s time to update the flagship a bit.

And it’s not only about competition, but also about tightening the norms of harmful exhaust. According to rumors, a new motorcycle is already in development. They promise a bigger and better engine.

New motorcycle can present in 2020. If you believe the rumors, the CRF1100L will be equipped with a 1080-cc engine (current version – 998 cm3), producing 5 hp more power.

Cubic capacity increase is a trick that many manufacturers use. It helps to maintain performance at the old level, as well as invest in new norms of harmful exhaust. In January 2020, the Euro5 standard in Europe will come into force, so all new models will have to comply with it.

How can a larger engine produce less harmful substances? A good example is the latest generation of the BMW R-series. Bavarians not only increased the volume, but also developed the ShiftCam technology, which changes the valve timing. Honda is already developing its own VVT system, which the patents showed on the CBR1000RR, but there is no reason not to install the same on the Honda Africa Twin.

At the moment, Honda Africa Twin produces 94 hp, which is quite enough. On the other hand, no one will refuse additional power if there is such an opportunity.