Honda accelerates phase-out of gasoline-powered cars in Europe

Honda accelerates phase-out of gasoline-powered cars in Europe

October 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese brand Honda intends to stop production of cars with gasoline internal combustion engines in Europe by the end of 2022, while the previously expected date was 2025.

In a recent press release, Honda announced not only the elimination of gasoline engines, but also the end of sales of cars with diesel units. The terms are the same – 2022. Moreover, in the UK, the brand’s dealers are already selling off the warehouse leftovers of cars with traditional internal combustion engines, after which new such cars will not be delivered.

“Honda has accelerated by 3 years – from 2025 to 2022 – plans to convert all major European models to electric motors, and our hybrid technology will play a key role in achieving this goal,” – says a British newspaper article.

In the future, the company plans to focus on hybrid models as well as electric cars. For example, the European model range of the brand now includes hybrid CR-V and Jazz, as well as an electric car Honda e.

Diesel vehicles are steadily losing popularity in Europe. In particular, in the UK, according to the British Society of Car Manufacturers and Dealers (SMMT), only 209 thousand diesel cars were sold this year, which is less than half of last year’s figure. Their share of the new car market is now only 17%, while in 2016 it reached almost 50%.

We will remind, earlier we reported about the abandonment of the use of cars with a traditional internal combustion engine in some European countries and in China, planned by 2030. According to Argus Media, China’s Hainan Peninsula will be the first region to completely phase out sales of cars with a classic internal combustion engine by 2030. The plan of the regional leadership includes the allocation of subsidies for the purchase of greener cars in the amount of 10,000 yuan, which corresponds to approximately $ 1,400.