Holzmobil Motorhome or stylish wooden caravan

Holzmobil Motorhome or stylish wooden caravan

October 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German company Holzmobil presented an unusual project of a mobile home. The car, built on the chassis of the MAN TGE 4.180 van, boasts all-wheel drive, as well as a very cozy interior made of wood.

Holzmobil presented a mobile home, the back of which was completely made of wood. Holzmobil, which roughly translates to “wooden mobile”, is a German brand that creates rather unconventional motorhomes. While most competitors in the market use lightweight metal and plastic in their models, this van uses natural wood, both inside and out.

Holzmobil looks like a wooden cabin on wheels and we are confident that it will appeal to certain types of motorhome buyers who want a unique design.

Inside, Holzmoil has a patented roof structure that allows moisture to escape from a warm cabin. The kit includes many amenities such as a pull-out dining table, four swivel captain’s chairs, a bathroom, a 50-liter refrigerator and a dual-burner induction hob.

Using wood paneling for the exterior of the RV would mean taking care of the wood constantly and regardless of the climate – most of the money goes into processing the material so it doesn’t rot over time.

This huge wooden camper weighing 3,700 kg is built on the chassis of a MAN TGE 4.180 4×4 van with a total gross weight of 4,500 kg, which can carry up to 800 kg of payload. The machine is 7.7 meters long, 2.1 meters wide and 3.3 meters high.

Holzmobil is equipped with a 400 Ah lithium battery and a pair of 700 W solar panels. Price starts at € 182,800

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