Hollywood composer wrote the sounds for BMW electric cars

Hollywood composer wrote the sounds for BMW electric cars

June 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

German composer Hans Zimmer, famous for his music for many popular movies, created sound effects for the BMW electric car engine. The reason for such cooperation was the new requirement for a “green” car, which comes into force in the EU.

German film composer Hans Zimmer has created special sounds for BMW next-generation electric cars. In a new way, the Bavarian electric cars sounded in Munich, where the Vision M Next concept car debuted with a new soundtrack. It is known that the sound designer and acoustic specialist of the Bavarian brand Renzo Vitale helped the Hollywood composer in the work on new sounds for environmentally friendly BMW cars.

The result of their creative collaboration became sounds for accelerating and braking cars, as well as for multimedia responses. This project was named BMW IconicSounds Electric.

 In addition to the aesthetic function, this project has a serious practical value. In the United States and Europe, for example, it is not the first year that standards have been developed according to which electric vehicle owners should install special devices on their cars that simulate the noise of a car. Such a requirement is explained by the fact that electric car engines produce practically no sounds, which carries a certain threat to pedestrians and cyclists. They may not hear the sound of an approaching transport.

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