Hitachi invests in the development of electric cars

Hitachi invests in the development of electric cars

May 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese technology giant Hitachi has invested several million pounds in the British electric vehicle charging company Gridserve to accelerate the massive introduction of electric vehicles in the UK.

A new investment of £ 5.6 million will support the development of the nationwide network of specialized charging stations Gridserve, the first of the planned 100 sites which will be opened this summer. Both companies are also collaborating on a network of electric buses and financial incentives for electric car buyers.

The first site, which will be built as part of the £ 1 billion Gridserve scheme near Braintree in Essex, will offer space for 24 vehicles for simultaneous charging up to 350 kW. The company claims that first customers will be able to charge within 20-30 minutes, but the waiting time for charging will be reduced. Currently, the only car to sell that can charge up to 350 kW is the Porsche Taycan.

Gridserve’s charging stations will be powered by a combination of rooftop solar panels, separate solar panels, and built-in battery packs, which are said to provide “carbon targets while maintaining low prices.”

Like a regular highway service station, the 2.5-acre Braintree complex next to the A131 will have a small supermarket, café and lounge with Wi-Fi and conference rooms.

“We have developed our electric sites completely for the needs of electric car drivers, updating the model of a gas station for a clean zero carbon emissions. Many people want to buy electric cars, but are worried about how to charge them. We will help solve this problem and provide the confidence needed to switch to electric tansport. It will be the most advanced charger in the UK and possibly in the world. Drivers will be able to drive up and charge their vehicle with the maximum speed that each vehicle can withstand using 100% renewable energy and the maximum possible charging experience, ”said Gridserve CEO Toddington Harper.