Historic footage of Porsche racing repeated with Lego

Historic footage of Porsche racing repeated with Lego

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

British photographer recreated famous photographs using the designer

Car photographer Dominic Fraser continues to recreate famous historical shots with Lego. This time he implemented a joint project with Porsche, in which he recreated several moments from the racing history of the German brand.

To create historical scenes, Dominic used the Lego constructor of the Speed ​​Champoins series. The photographer independently recreated all the scenery, comparing the original pictures with what he did. And since he did not have any assembly instructions, the accurate transfer of parts became one of the most difficult tasks in this project.

However, despite all the difficulties, most of the frames were really recreated to the smallest detail. For example, a photograph of a pit stop of a hybrid Porsche 919 included not only the car itself and the mechanics who worked with it, but also the stands, a cameraman and even a fire extinguisher, which the photographer placed in the same place where he was in the original photo.

In addition, in the process of creating the photo project, Dominic repeated the famous photo of the “flight” of the Porsche 911 Turbo, made for the brand’s advertising campaign during the races in Goodwood. According to him, the restoration of miniature copies of famous shots was not easy for him, since such a shooting is not like his daily activities.

Previously, Dominic, with the help of Lego, repeated unique photographs of one of the most dangerous racing series – the rally Group B. In addition to the details of the designer, when creating the project, the photographer also used improvised materials. For example, to simulate dirt flying from under the wheels, he used the earth around the house, and instead of snow, flour.