Hi Audi: The Chinese JAC has its own A5 liftback. But Volkswagen doesn’t mind

Hi Audi: The Chinese JAC has its own A5 liftback. But Volkswagen doesn’t mind

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The public premiere of the new liftback JAC A432 from the China will be held in early September. For the model so far, only one motor has been announced.

The Chinese JAC began declassifying its liftback back in June – then the first teasers appeared. Now the manufacturer has distributed full-fledged images. The car on them is designated as A432, but this is the factory index, the trade name has not yet been officially announced. Meanwhile, not so long ago, “live” photos of the serial car were added to the base of the Ministry of Industry of the People’s Republic of China: in those pictures at the stern, it has the A5 nameplate. Recall, liftback with the same name is in the range of Audi. By the way, a few years ago, JAC introduced the A60 sedan, which looked very much like the Audi A6. Then the appearance of the A6 was changed, the resemblance to the “German” was lost. At the liftback, the JAC design is generally original. Yes, and Volkswagen itself, owning Audi, obviously approved the name A5, because they produce a new “five-door” at the plant of the joint venture of the German concern and JAC.

The Chinese A432/A5 was painted at the Italian design center JAC under the direction of Daniele Gallione, who had previously worked at Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Chrysler. The liftback has branded radiator grilles with concave vertical wedges. But, thanks to the “spy” photo, we know that the liftback has at least two options for the design of the grill: it can still be with horizontal “strokes”. Also, the JAC A432 received LED head optics, the taillights are interconnected by white and red stripes.

So far, the interior can be judged by the previously published sketch and, again, “spichots”. Inside there are almost no physical buttons. In front of the driver there is a virtual dashboard, in the center is a vertical touch screen of the multimedia system, climate control and other functions are also displayed on it. Also for the liftback, adaptive cruise control, all-round cameras and a car park are announced.

The length of the liftback is 4772 mm, that is, by this indicator it surpassed both the Skoda Octavia (4670 mm) and the premium Audi A5 Sportback (4733 mm). The size of the wheelbase of the “Chinese” is 2760 mm. At Octavia, the distance between the axles is 2680 mm, but the new JAC still did not overtake the Audi (the A5 Sportback wheelbase is 2824 mm). The front suspension of the A432 is independent of the McPherson type, and the rear suspension is an independent multi-link.

According to the document of the Chinese certification body, the liftback is equipped with a 1.5 petrol “turbo four” (HFC4GB2.4E), which produces 150 hp. Such a motor is also in the range of the recently debuted SUV JAC S4. At a crossover, this engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission or CVT. Liftback will probably have the same boxes.

Liftback will debut on September 5 at the Chengdu Motor Show. At local dealers, it should appear before the end of this year; export is not yet discussed. Note that in China, the JAC is losing buyers: last year, demand fell by 14% to 189,419 units, in January-June of 2019 sales decreased by 12% to 87,642 units.