Hesketh develops a three-cylinder charged bike

Hesketh develops a three-cylinder charged bike

October 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British company Hesketh plans to shock the world public as it prepares for the premiere of a new 1000 cc three-cylinder motorcycle.

At the moment there is little detailed information. There is only a conceptual sketch depicted above. The British manufacturer is going to translate it into reality over the next year. Very ambitious plans for such a small manufacturer.

First, Hesketh decided to intrigue the public a bit. The engine is installed along the chassis, the heads are looking to the right. In 99% of cases, in-line motors are placed across for a better balance and even distribution of forces of influence on the left and right side of the motorcycle.

How much they plan to squeeze out of a 1000 cc three-cylinder engine is still unknown. The supercharger can give a serious boost to the level with the Kawasaki H2.

All Hesketh motorcycles are not cheap, so we can hardly count on a small price tag.