He’s on the sidewalk – you won’t go any further: an ingenious way of punishment

He’s on the sidewalk – you won’t go any further: an ingenious way of punishment

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Revenge of road builders for improper parking is sometimes very subtle. He spent two weeks imprisoned in a parking lot in London by a Ford Focus car, the owner of which did not bother to park his vehicle according to the rules.

The story in Foggy Albion happened funny. For several days in a row, a careless motorist threw his Focus right on the sidewalk. If he had been a resident of Moscow, a “green bug”, a tow truck, would have come for his car, and he would have looked for his iron horse in all the expanses of the First See.

But in London it is often different. Here, everyone, from the queen to the janitor, is pleased to demonstrate subtle English humor. So the road workers acted very delicately. They trapped Ford, surrounded by wooden posts. Of course, all this was done in agreement with the local authorities. The car was locked. According to the Daily Mail, the car did not budge for at least two weeks.

By the way, the local authorities henceforth decided to take the idea of ​​resourceful road workers into service. According to officials, the owner of the Ford Focus parked his car in violation, which was repeatedly notified.

    “We asked the owner to move the car and left a notice on the windshield three times, but the owner did not move the car and never answered the calls of our inspector,” – a representative of the city council of the Wandsworth district said.

A spokesman for officials also confirmed that drastic measures were taken in response to complaints from residents.