Here’s what the new Volkswagen logo looks like on the Atlas 2021 crossover grille

Here’s what the new Volkswagen logo looks like on the Atlas 2021 crossover grille

April 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the German brand published a photo that depicts a false radiator grille with the new Volkswagen logo. Separate letters and a narrower stroke give the VW emblem a contemporary touch.

Volkswagen introduced its new logo last year, but, unlike the Bavarian brand BMW, which also decided to change its brand name, the Wolfsburg automaker will actually place it on their cars. An upgraded version of the iconic VW badge first appeared on the Volkswagen Atlas crossover in the Cross Sport version. In addition, the company released another image with the updated Atlas 2021 model year.

 The new logo is characterized by a narrower stroke for both letters and a round strip that encapsulates them. There is also a clear separation between the letters V and W, and W itself “floats” above the circle. In general, the new logo looks “lighter” – it has become less cumbersome.

 The three-dimensional effect of the old logo also disappeared – when printed on paper or displayed on the screen, the new logo looks flat, without glare and shadows.

According to company representatives, when creating a new logo, it was important to remove the volumetric effect in order to make sure that VW branding is equally displayed on everything: from the initial multimedia screen to the logo on the key fob. Volkswagen is not alone in applying this philosophy. BMW has done the same, and it is rumored that the Japanese Nissan also plans to do something similar.

 According to the company, by the middle of this year, the new logo will be distributed among all 10,000 dealers in 171 global markets. He also needs to gradually get to every new VW car in the world, 6.2 million of which left dealerships in 2019.