Here’s how Lotus plans to cope with Brexit

Here’s how Lotus plans to cope with Brexit

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The adoption of Brexit can adversely affect many automakers, including Lotus. The latter found his own way out and the current situation.

The manufacturer of sports cars from the UK – the company Lotus, decided to protect themselves from Brexit. For those who do not know, Brexit is the process of leaving the UK from the European Union. So, the leadership of the sports brand has decided that now it is necessary to actively engage in that as much as possible to fill their warehouses with spare parts for their models, which it receives from abroad.

Company CEO Phil Popham said in a recent interview that Lotus is preparing for the fact that the supply chain will be violated by customs problems.

The company’s plan is developed in such a way as to ensure that the company’s five-year work plan is not violated. Currently, Lotus produces less than 2,000 cars a year, and even with current political fluctuations, a massive increase in production is not expected. With this in mind, Lotus, while preparing for the worst (taking Brexit), should not suffer as much as some major automakers.

  “The worst thing we can get is an increase in the size of the duty for parts supplied to us and the duty for exporting our cars to other countries,” he said.

  Lotus is preparing to launch a new sports car at the end of next year, and its cost will be approximately equal to the cost of the Evora model. “We are a sports car brand, and we are developing a new sports car that you will see at the end of next year,” said Popham.

 The car will be built at the Lotus plant in Hetele, but despite the fact that the famous plant was invested in the future plans of Lotus, the company may have to move production abroad.