Here’s a quick overview on the 2020 Zenvo TSR-S hypercar

Here’s a quick overview on the 2020 Zenvo TSR-S hypercar

April 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As part of the video, the foreign blogger Shmee150 shows and tells us about the Danish hypercar Zenvo TSR-S. The machine, worth $ 1.63 million, has very interesting chips.

One of the main features of this Danish hypercar is its hefty wing, which, according to the designers, is an active aerodynamic element – it can change its position in space. A fantastic car decided to show us a foreign blogger with the nickname Shmee150.

This hypercar from Denmark is the company’s third car and is allowed to drive on public roads.

 The entire Zenvo TSR-S 2020 model year is made entirely of carbon fiber. It is reported that thanks to the use of rims from this durable but very lightweight material, the total weight of the car was reduced by 15 kg.

There are visual differences between each body panel, which are carbon fiber weaving. Even the opening of the front cargo bay demonstrates the difficult use of durable but lightweight material. At the back we see a powerful 5.8-liter twin-supercharged V8 that develops a huge power of 1,177 horsepower, which is then fed to the rear wheels. The hypercar is able to accelerate to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds, and the maximum speed is limited at around 325 km / h.

Considering that only five such cars will be produced each year at a price of 1.63 million dollars, consider this video a presentation of one of the most exclusive hypercars in the world.