Henrik Fisker adds brutality to rival Tesla Model Y

Henrik Fisker adds brutality to rival Tesla Model Y

April 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

While Tesla is already selling its Model Y crossover with might and main, the potential competitor from Fisker still exists only on paper – or something like that. The start of production is scheduled for the last quarter of next year, but the site for it seems to have not yet been determined. And this does not prevent the father of the project, the eminent designer Henrik Fisker, from fantasizing.

Warming up the public’s interest, he showed on his personal Twitter what the “off-road” Ocean would look like. Judging by the sketch, the crossover will receive wheels with extended arches corresponding to a similar status, additional underbody protection and a roof rack with a spare wheel. The latter is a whole separate story. Fisker claims that his team found a “surprising place” in which to place a spare tire, and promises to share information about him next week. It is known that this is not one of the trunks (the front is too small, but in the rear it is a pity for space) and not a roof.

The Fisker Ocean “hardcore” is not just an idea: they promise to show a special version next year. It is assumed that it will be used on off-road rescue services and the military.

A standard electric car will cost in the US from $ 37,499. A car with a “vegan” interior will travel on a single charge up to 483 kilometers.