Hennessey is about to break the maximum speed record

Hennessey is about to break the maximum speed record

September 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Recently, the Bugatti Chiron hypercar managed to accelerate to 4al90 km / h, thereby setting a world record for maximum speed. Hennessey is already preparing a car that can take first place.

Over the past few years, there has been a race around manufacturers of hypercars whose car is the first to reach 300 mph (482.8 km / h) on a speedometer. Experts doubted the achievement of this result, many argue that this is impossible. The reasons were called the lack of suitable tires, a long track and a powerful engine.

 However, a week ago (August 2, 2019), Bugatti triumphed in this contest. The 1600-hp Chiron accelerated to 490.48 km / h. After achieving this incredible result, the company said it was no longer going to focus on maximum speed in the production of cars.

 However, this record will not be listed in the Guinness Book of Records, since the hypercar did not pass the track in two directions. Note that the Hennessey Venom GT did not become a champion in 2014 because of this. Bugatti left the game, but do not forget about other companies eager to break the maximum speed record.

 We can well expect an answer from Hennessey and her hypercar with a V8 engine and a twin turbine. Compared to the Chiron, the F5 hypercar will be 450 kg lighter and a more powerful motor will be installed in it. In the US there are several tracks on which it will be possible to achieve maximum vehicle speed.

 At the moment, tuning and updating the F5 hypercar is underway. For example, a new carbon chassis is being created, which will be presented by the end of this year.

Recall, the record holder Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ stood on the conveyor. Its cost starts from 3.5 million euros.