Helmut Marko: We expect a lot from the tests in Barcelona

Helmut Marko: We expect a lot from the tests in Barcelona

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Max Verstappen climbed the podium in Spain. Red Bull sports consultant Helmut Marko is pleased with the result and hopes for the team’s continued progress …

Helmut Marko: “We have achieved our goal. Verstappen impeccably spent the race, finishing third – this is the maximum possible result for us on that weekend. Pierre Gusli injured the rear wing and could not fight with Vettel and Leclaire. If not for a hitch in the pit stop Toro Rosso, then all four cars with Honda engines could earn points.

The third place Verstappen important for Red Bull Racing and Honda – this is a confirmation of our progress. We were able to get ahead of Ferrari, although in the winter tests were inferior to them a second. But while we were taking one step forward, in the Mercedes did two.


We expect a lot from the tests this week. We need to collect more information about the numerous updates that we brought to Barcelona. We already have a general idea, but we need the details. ”