Heidfeld: Alfa Romeo may invite Mick Schumacher

Heidfeld: Alfa Romeo may invite Mick Schumacher

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Alfa Romeo remains one of the few Formula 1 teams that have not decided on the composition for 2021: while in Hinwil, they did not confirm the contract with any of the riders.

Kimi Raikkonen’s contract with the Swiss team expires in 2020, and although last December Alfa Romeo’s leader Frederic Vasser said the Finn “will play as much as he wants,” he is already 40 years old. The results of Antonio Giovinazzi, his young Italian partner, Ferrari protege, so far have not been very convincing, although he added in the second half of last season. In theory, this season, the beginning of which is delayed until July, should be decisive in his career.

Former Formula 1 driver Nick Heidfeld, who for eight seasons played in Sauber, now renamed Alfa Romeo, and who knows this team well, said: “I won’t be surprised if this season we see Mick Schumacher driving a Formula 1 car But not Ferrari, but Alfa Romeo.

If he will perform well in Formula 2, and Giovinazzi will have even more problems than last year, I do not exclude the possibility that in the middle of the season they will invite Mika to Alfa Romeo. “

By the way, in April last year, Mick Schumacher already worked on tests in Bahrain with a team from Hinwil and, on the whole, showed himself quite well.

If the scenario that Heidfeld is talking about will still be realized, although it seems that the likelihood of this is not too great, then the Alfa Romeo press has received increased attention. Even if at first the son of the seven-time world champion does not show himself too brightly, the team does not lose anything – of course, in the event that Giovinazzi will not earn points. You can recall that last year his first productive race was the Austrian Grand Prix, and this was the ninth stage of the season.

However, in one Heidfeld is right: for a start, Mick should perform well in Formula 2, but for now, he doesn’t succeed as he and his fans would like. In 2019, he made his debut in this series and finished the season at 12th place in the individual standings, gaining five times less points than Nick de Vries, who became the champion of F2.