Heavy pickup Ford F-250 got a special version of Harley-Davidson

Heavy pickup Ford F-250 got a special version of Harley-Davidson

February 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Atelier Tuscany Motor Co. will prepare a “biker” series of trucks in conjunction with Ford

Tuning workshop Tuscany Motor Co. and the Ford auto giant showed renderings of the “motorcycle” version of the F-250 Harley-Davidson 2020 heavy pickup truck. The truck was distinguished from the regular F-250s by a modified exterior and interior with signature orange accents, custom wheels a la Harley-Davidson Fatboy and an elevated suspension.

The basis for the F-250 Harley-Davidson will serve as the top version of the pickup truck performed by Super Duty. In total, 250 copies will be made in the “biker” style, with the bureau Tuscany Motor Co. declares that each truck will receive 65 unique parts. The key technical difference will be the installation of an “off-road” BDS suspension and special FOX shock absorbers.

Externally, the F-250 Harley-Davidson can be recognized by 37-inch “mud” BFGoodrich tires, 22-inch chrome 12-spoke Fatboy wheels with a black core, extended wheel arches, a new hood, enlarged exhaust pipes, a front bumper with a diode insert , radiator grill with orange painting and decor elements.

Intervention in the interior comes down to soft leather upholstery, embossing Harley-Davidson logos on the backs of the seats and armrest, as well as finalizing the instrument panel. All special series pickups feature a contrasting black and orange interior and three possible body colors: black, white or gray.

Atelier specialists did not touch the power unit: under the hood of the F-250 Harley-Davidson, a 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engine with 482 horsepower and a torque of 1424 Nm, which works in tandem with a reinforced 10-band “automatic”, will remain.

Exclusive Harley-Davidson performance will be more expensive than the “usual” Ford F-250 Super Duty by an average of 26 thousand dollars, so the starting price for “biker” pickups is about 111 thousand dollars.

For comparison, GMC Sierra Harley-Davidson was estimated at 95 thousand dollars a month and a half ago, and prices for the “junior” Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson with similar improvements increased to 108 thousand dollars