Heavy batteries hinder electric Porsche Boxster and Cayman

Heavy batteries hinder electric Porsche Boxster and Cayman

March 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

While it comes to sports cars, everyone understands that they must be lightweight, powerful and fast, but this is not always so easy to do.

All the details put together into one should be carefully thought out, and losing weight and maximizing potential has always been a priority. In the case of building sports cars, which are also electric, it’s more difficult for some manufacturers than others, and for Porsche it’s just that: modern electric car batteries are too heavy to fit two batteries in the Cayman and Boxster. The Porsche research team admitted this during a virtual press conference for the Geneva Motor Show during a short conversation with a car magazine.

Dr. Michael Steiner, head of their research and development team, explained: “We work with several electrified Boxster to gain experience and knowledge about how electric vehicles work with two batteries. But there is no final decision yet. While heavier Gran Touring cars, such as the Taycan, can handle the extra weight of the batteries, Steiner said that “the extra weight for a sports car does not suit us today. This is one of the reasons our next electric car will be a small SUV rather than a two-door sports car. “

He’s talking about the new Macan for 2021, which will be offered as an all-electric car. The electrification project for more oriented sports cars is active, but still far away, and thanks to the slow but steady increase in the number of breakthroughs with lithium-ion batteries, Porsche is waiting for a good solution in weight loss, for example, with solid-state batteries.

While all of the attention is currently focused on the Taycan, Porsche is already busy working on EV-related technology for its more affordable range of two-seater cars, despite the fact that the company is not officially ready to tell anything about it.