Hear how car brands sound in Chinese

Hear how car brands sound in Chinese

July 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video has appeared on the YouTube service in which you can watch how the names of car brands are pronounced in Chinese. And there really is something to see: in China, car brands are pronounced differently than in many other countries of the world.

For example, Aerfa Luomiou in Chinese means Alfa Romeo, Falali is Ferrari, Mashaladi is Maserati, Lanbojini is Lamborghini, and MaiKailun is McLaren.

The story is similar with other brands. Aston Martin reads Asidun Mading, Jaguar is Jiebao, Bentley is Binli, Land Rover is Lu Hu, and Rolls-Royce is Laosi-Loisi.

Why is that? The Chinese changed the original transcription to local to preserve the original pronunciation. And if for the Chinese this pronunciation is really original, then for us it may seem incomprehensible due to linguistic differences.