Hear how a 9.0-liter V10 sounds under the hood of a Dodge Viper

Hear how a 9.0-liter V10 sounds under the hood of a Dodge Viper

September 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

American studio has released a tuning kit for the fifth generation Viper

Prefix workshop from Michigan (USA) has developed a stroker kit for the fifth Dodge Viper. After the revision, the volume of the naturally aspirated V10 engine increased from 8.4 to 9.0 liters, which had a positive effect on the acoustic accompaniment – even at idle, the Viper sounds like cramps for a drag.

The Extreme Engine package from the Prefix studio allows to increase the volume of the V10 by 0.6 liters by increasing the piston stroke. Other mechanical improvements include the installation of Mahle racing pistons and new piston rings, a different camshaft, block head and forged connecting rods. In addition, the engine control unit has been reconfigured.

The characteristics are impressive: from the naturally aspirated 9.0-liter engine with public road access, 835 horsepower and 1016 Nm of torque were removed, while in the stock Viper of the fifth generation is equipped with an 8.4 engine with 649 horsepower and 813 Nm of torque.

The only drawback of the Prefix stroker kit is the price. Spare parts for the Xtreme Engine package cost $ 26,650, and this does not include installation on the car and settings. However, Vipers have not been produced since 2017, so Prefix did not initially count on mass sales of the kit.