He disappeared 22 years ago. Found today on Google Maps

He disappeared 22 years ago. Found today on Google Maps

September 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

True, the find, alas, turned out to be sad.

Once a former resident of Wellington (USA, Florida) checked the surroundings of his former home with Google maps and suddenly saw something very close to the shore of a local pond that looked very much like a car, reports The Gardian.

He contacted the owner of a nearby house, and he with the help of a drone confirmed that it was indeed a car that had sunk in a pond. The find was reported to the sheriff’s office, and an investigation began. It turned out that this is a sunken white sedan and on the outside it is “heavily calcified”, since it was in the water for a very long time. And inside the car, when it was pulled to the surface, they found the remains of a person.

According to a representative of the Palm Beach County Sheriff, the remains of the skeleton belong to William Moldt, who went missing in 1997 at the age of 40. The national system of missing and unidentified persons reported that on the eve of the disappearance, Moldt visited a nightclub, and at midnight, got into his car and drove home. Before that, he called his girlfriend, and everything was fine, she did not feel that he was drunk, but after that the man disappeared without a trace for 22 years.

It disappeared in a place that at that time was in the process of development and looked like an area of ​​winding roads and dead ends.

If not for the curiosity of the former resident, the car would hardly have been discovered at all. Barry Fay, who eventually found the car, said in an interview with media that he had never noticed anything near the coastline, although he walked by many times.