Haval Concept H Hybrid Concept debuts at India Motor Show

Haval Concept H Hybrid Concept debuts at India Motor Show

February 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Auto Expo 2020 opened its doors in Indian New Delhi. These events at Haval were considered the right venue for the public premiere of their concept hybrid crossover.

Earlier this year, the Chinese company Great Wall announced the purchase of the Indian GM plant. Now the brand has taken another step towards the conquest of the car market in India. At the opening motor show in New Delhi, the Chinese held a local presentation of their “crossover” brand Haval. Interestingly, a brand new car was introduced among the models that were familiar to fans of the brand. This is the rechargeable hybrid crossover Haval Concept H.

In the exterior of the car there is nothing complicated that would prevent him from entering the series: traditional door handles, and not retractable, ordinary rear-view mirrors, not cameras, which are popular today. In the interior of the car with bright upholstery appeared digital dashboard and touchpad, which took the place of the gearbox selector.

The serial SUV will be much like the concept shown in India. The manufacturer has kept all the details about the power plant secret. The power reserve of the crossover on one electric traction is also unknown. According to experts, the Haval Concept H will be released in a series by the end of 2020. Closer to this date, new details about the new product will be announced.