Hatchback Renault Clio received 3 modifications for racing in sand and gravel

Hatchback Renault Clio received 3 modifications for racing in sand and gravel

June 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A set of accessories allows you to transform the version of the car one to another.

Rally and RX models are offered for gravel rides, and Cup for sand races. The prototype of the modifications was the Clio RS Line hot hatch. All cars under the hood 4-cylinder power unit of 1.3 liters, producing 170-180 liters. with. Comes with sequential gearbox Sadev. Engine power is adjusted in accordance with the rules of a particular race. Each car has sport seats and a safety cage.

Chassis is similar to the one used on the usual Clio RS Line: the same front struts and rear beam. The only innovation is the other springs and Bos Suspension shock absorbers.


  Order sports “Clio” championship teams will be able in the middle of autumn of this year. It is allowed to participate in auto racing since 2020. The standard Clio has eaten in the new generation this year: the cabin now has a different architecture – a new digital dashboard, a vertical multimedia display. Externally, the car resembles its predecessor, but the aerodynamic performance has shifted for the better, since the body was built almost anew.

Standard Renault Clio has already gone to conquer the European market, as it was officially announced by the company.