Hatchback Opel Corsa new generation will be completely French

Hatchback Opel Corsa new generation will be completely French

August 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

As early as 2019, the debut of the sixth generation of Opel Corsa hatchback is planned, which will completely move to the French platform from the PSA concern. Previously, the car was built on the basis of the platform Gamma G2SC concern General Motors.

As many motorists already know, the German brand Opel completely took over the French concern PSA Group. And the management of the concern intends to completely change the attitude of customers to the brand Opel, and for this the entire model range will be updated. We already wrote about this in the news about the new engine for the flagship Insight.

Now the network has details about the new generation of hatchback Opel Corsa. The company is already preparing the sixth version of the car, and will build it on the basis of the French architecture CMP. It is possible that the model, built almost from scratch on the new platform for two years, will be presented in 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show.

It is worth noting that Corsa is one of the most important products for the company. The car is quite popular in Europe, and ranks fifth in the B + segment. So, for 2017 sales amounted to 231 434 cars, which was 12% less than in 2016. And the model ranked eighth in popularity among all new cars in Europe. The first places in the ratings are for Renault Clio models (321 472 units) and Volkswagen Golf (482,177 units).

In addition to the new platform, all future Opel models will receive a conceptually new corporate design, and Corsa will be the first model with a new face. A new direction of design for the company was demonstrated on the Opel GT X Experimental concept.

Under the hood of the new product will be a motor line similar to the future model Peugeot 208. So, buyers can choose between petrol engines of the PureTecch series 1.0 and 1.2 liters with a maximum output of up to 110 horsepower. Also will be available and turbodiesel engine 1.6 liters with a capacity of 75 and 100 horsepower.

Coupled with all the engines will be offered both a mechanical and an automatic transmission. And later there will be a fully electric version of the hatchback.