Hatchback Kia Cerato new generation caught alive

Hatchback Kia Cerato new generation caught alive

September 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Sedan Kia Cerato new generation debuted earlier this year: it is known under the index K3, and in the States – as Forte. The model still has a five-door version, it is available in those markets where Kia Ceed is not represented. Exception was, in fact, Korea – Seed does not sell there, but the hatchback K3 in the homeland of the brand was not previously offered. In Kia decided to correct the situation: last week the manufacturer distributed official images of a new generation of hatch, intended for the home market. And now the local Bobaedream forum has the first “live” photo of the car without any camouflage.

The Kia K3 hatchback has the same wheelbase as the sedan, 2700 mm (for the European version of the Kia Ceed hatch, the distance between the axles is 2650 mm). The remaining dimensions of the hatch in Kia have not yet been revealed. The local sedan Kia K3 length is 4640 mm, width – 1800 mm, height – 1440 mm. According to preliminary information, the rear hatchback has a multi-link suspension, while the sedan has a simple “beam”.

For Korea, the hatch is announced in the sports version of the GT, its differences: red accents on the grille and 18-inch wheels, trim on the thresholds and two exhaust pipe. At the moment it is not known whether the standard hatchback will be offered to the Koreans, but in Kia they announced that the hot version of the GT will later appear in the sedan as well.

Under the hood of the “charged” hatchback, a petrol turbo four 1.6 T-GDI with 204 hp is installed, which works in tandem with a seven-stage robotic gearbox. A standard sedan such a motor has not yet been laid: in Korea, the four-door Kia K3 can be bought with an “atmospheric” 1.6 (123 hp) of the new Smart Stream family and a variator. Probably, the sedan with the GT prefix will also be offered with 1.6 T-GDI.

The hatchback will enter the Korean market in October, prices have not yet been announced. Sedan of the new generation in the homeland of the brand will cost at least 15.61 million won. By the way, after a change of generations demand for a C-Class sedan in Korea has grown: in the home market, a new K3 sedan appeared in late February 2018, in March-August the sales volume of the model was 27,387 units, while for the same period of 2017 it split in the country with a circulation of 14 092 copies.