Has Chevrolet decided to return the name Trailblazer?

Has Chevrolet decided to return the name Trailblazer?

January 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

However, the new model with a new, but well forgotten old name Trailblazer can suffer the same fate as in the case of the Blazer. Trailblazer representatives have repeatedly hinted at the creation of a new crossover.

Recently, many automakers are beginning to re-use their long-forgotten product names (which they themselves used some time ago) as the name of their new models. The Japanese company Mitsubishi is one of the latest brands who remembered their old names, re-using the Eclipse for a new crossover, and one more crossover, completely electric, will be given the name Evolution.

  The American company Chevrolet also entered with the brand name Blazer. The brand used it differently, now, the Blazer is a midsize SUV, whereas before, under this name a full-size SUV with a frame was sold.

Apparently, the guys from Chevrolet decided to revive the name of the Trailblazer – a couple of minutes ago, the press service of the brand published a teaser image of a new crossover with this name.

In a recent interview with Chevrolet Marketing Director Steve Mayoros, journalists asked him about the return of the Trailblazer name, to which Mr. Mayoros evasively replied with a smile and declined to comment.

  Besides the fact that the Trailblazer has become a crossover – it used to be also a mid-size SUV, it is assumed that the new product will be smaller in size and supposedly can fill the void between the Trax and Equinox crossovers. Mayoros somehow reinforced this idea in his interview with MotorTrend, saying that “there is a place for another Chevy crossover between Trax and Equinox, both in size and in price.”