Harman will showcase new technologies at CES 2021

Harman will showcase new technologies at CES 2021

January 12, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Harman is one of the market leaders in car audio and media systems. The multimedia giant will showcase three types of in-flight entertainment for autonomous vehicle passengers at the CES 2021 technology show in La Vegas.

There are automakers not following the trends in the auto industry with futuristic proposals that only fit the most advanced autonomous vehicles, although some of this equipment can be adapted to more traditional models through advanced features. The demo version of new products from Harman for CES 2021 is exactly the case. The technology pointed out by a leading audio specialist has been developed specifically for autonomous vehicles, and its main customers have already abandoned further research in favor of autonomous driving.

Harman’s proposal aims to bring three new forms of more sophisticated and expensive in-flight entertainment unparalleled in the world, as is typical of this Samsung division: Gaming Intense Max, Creator Studio and Drive-Live Concert. … The former features advanced OLED and QLED displays that immerse passengers in a virtual environment without interference thanks to the powerful ClearChat technology that suppresses noise.

The second uses high-resolution cameras to record high-quality video and offers content editing capabilities, while the Drive-Live Concert turns the car’s interior into a live music environment: the steering wheel, which has built-in mini-displays, retracts to offer more. seats, the lighting adapts to the sound, and the headrests become high-precision speakers.

In addition, the platform is equipped with a powerful 5G internet connection that allows you to play music files hosted directly in the data cloud without having to download tracks. Drive-Live also allows passengers to communicate interactively with their favorite performers.