Harley-Davidson workers continue to protest

Harley-Davidson workers continue to protest

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Monday, the collective agreement of the Harley-Davidson factory in Wisconsin with the manufacturer expired. The first attempts to conclude a new contract failed, and the parties returned to their original position.

The company introduced the workers a new contract. They carefully studied it, voted and rejected the proposal.

Fear of dismissal and the absence of a contract forced the workers to take action. They held a protest at lunchtime to show the seriousness of their intentions. The protest, of course, did not affect the production. Some workers turned to the media and said that they did not understand their future and did not know what the management was going to do.

According to anonymous sources, a strike is not planned. Workers continue to work under the old conditions until a new agreement is signed. In addition, the workers rejected the contract not for money, but for working conditions.

Many factors worry Harley-Davidson workers in the United States. Last year, the manufacturer closed the plant in Kansas, opened a plant in Thailand, and continues to expand production abroad.

The company is disappointed that workers rejected the proposal.